Toyota 4runner 1990+

Your 4Runner can now fit the whole family more comfortably on those long trips or weekend get-aways thanks to our Toyota 4Runner 3rd Row Seat.

This new SUV 3rd seat for your four door Toyota 4Runner maintains Toyota quality. We use materials that beautifully compliment the interior of your vehicle.
The third row seating for an SUV is completely portable and can be positioned to face the front or back of your 4Runner. The SUV 3rd row seat installs easily and can be removed quickly. It meets federal safety specifications and includes two lap belts.

Third Row Seating Features:
-Seating for up to three children
-Includes 2 lap belts(upgrade to 3rd lap belt)
-Safety feature upgrades available
-Easy to install, reposition or move
-Mounts to face forward or to face the rear in newer models
-Quality construction
-Fabric sample selection
-Made in the U.S.A.
-Choose the single seat to add one more passenger

Our basic bench seat comes with non-factory cloth or vinyl material and two lap belts. Customize your seat with our upgrade packages and add head restraints, factory matching cloth/vinyl, leather, shoulder belts, and more!
The Single side facing seats are available for the Toyota 4Runner models from 1996 and above.



You can always email us for more information on your vehicle make and model at and we will gladly email you a brochure, order form, and pictures of your specific vehicle. FACEBOOK is a great place to ask for specific pictures, connect with other Little Passenger Seat owners, and post pictures of your family using your Little Passenger Seat(s) for all of us to enjoy.

The 2010+ Trail model, as well as some of the latest models, have a plastic sliding rear cargo deck that prevents our mounting system from being safely installed. As long as you see carpet, you can get a seat in! The Toyota 4Runner cloth materials are unavailable in the US market, therefore we cannot guarantee that we can match any material color or texture and the seat would be covered in the closest match on the market.

All seats are custom made so please select the ordering options below to make sure your seat will match your vehicle! Email a picture of your cloth interior to to ensure the closest match since Toyota cloth materials are limited.

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Starting at: $510.00
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Package Descriptions
Standard Package - Comes with a pair of lap belts and upholstered sample selection of cloth or vinyl to match interior. (unless otherwise noted)
Standard Plus Package - Comes with choice of matching cloth or vinyl material, two lap belts and two head restraints. (unless otherwise noted)
Deluxe Package - Upgrades your seat with two retractable shoulder belts, an extra center lap belt, and two adjustable head restraints.
Deluxe Leather package - Upgrades your seat with everything in the deluxe package and adds leather to match your vehicle.
Single Seat Package - Single seat comes with cloth or vinyl and includes a 3-point shoulder/lap belt.
Single Seat Leather Package - Single seat comes in leather and includes a 3-point shoulder/lap belt.

If you are sticking with the basic/standard package and want to add a single item on then check out the Add-ons page and add any extras you might want for your seat.